Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Let's help brighten a day or two.....

I follow a Blog of a friends Daughter from Camp Hill, she has provided us with an open door to be able to help some of the people in Japan. Let's all pitch in!
Here is the link to her blog if you want to help out. I copied the text from below so you could read it here, if you want to read more and see the pictures go to her page.

for the children of ishinomaki, japanby thesleepytimegal on April 6, 2011 · 66 comments

{So far today we have 80 boxes going to Japan, being shipped from all around the world ! Let’s aim for 100!}

{photo from here}

I am feeling quite somber today, and yet, so excited I can hardly find the words to type. I finally feel like there is something tangible my family and your family, can do for Japan.

{photo from here}

A new Japanese friend of mine has been corresponding with her dear friend in the devastated town of Ishinomaki, Japan. (All of the Japanese photos are from Ishinomaki.) Her friend, Sachiko, is an elementary school teacher in this town. Many of the children of the school have parents that never returned to the school to pick them up. Many of the children, in the cooler weather there, are walking barefooted. Many of these children need our help, we who have so many comforts of life right now.

I’m calling out to you, my readers, to send one box. That is all. One box filled with most of the things you already have sitting in your cupboards.

What Sachiko says the children need:

hair things (any girls’ hair ties to hold back their hair)



erasers/ pencils


special things like candy, something fun that brings a smile

Besides what is on the list, I confirmed that things that are gently used, like children’s clothing, dried fruit, granola bars, and such would be wonderful as well. We’ll be sending many of the girl’s shoes and clothes that can be distributed to suit needs.

{photo from here}

For the teacher, Sachiko, she has needs as well:

women’s hair ties

had cream (from spending so many hours digging through ruins)

Sachiko’s father is a Buddhist monk, and therefore, lives in a Buddhist temple in Ishinomaki. The packages can be shipped here which still stands because it was built on higher ground. (If you are serious about sending a box, email me personally in the contact me section of my blog and I will email you right back with the address.) Her parents are presently housing 15 adults who have lost their homes.

Their needs are:

paper products (toilet paper, paper towels)

feminine products (pads, tampons)

baby wipes (currently used for bathing there, if they have them)

antibacterial gel (there is a sickness like the flu passing through rapidly)

food (plain noodles, dried fruit, other things that ship easily)

gently used clothes, socks, shoes

If your family chooses to get involved and send one package, have your children help by creating cards for the children. Sachiko says the children need some happiness. I can’t even imagine their feelings, longings for familiarity, and sorrows. Put some fun things in their box, too.

There is no need to run to the store. Look for things you already have in abundance in your home. The girls agreed to give away their homemade crayons we made. They donated some of their change to pay for shipping. We are gathering paper goods, supplies, dried fruit, clothing, etc., that we already have. So that means the only cost is the shipping. Do what you can afford, even if it is a really small box. Let the children donate towards the shipping as well.

Let’s do this together, please. If you can commit one box to Japan, share it with us in the comments. My goal is that this blog, through you generous people, can send 20 boxes to Ishinomaki, Japan. This town has been devastated. We have a real, hands-on way to give of our bounty. Please. Pass this on as well- through Facebook, friends, etc. Can you imagine the out pouring of boxes to this school, to this generous Buddhist monk and the people he’s caring for?

Lets fill up the comments section on the blog today with people committing to one box each, all around the world.

SHIPPING TIP: If you buy the international flat rate shipping boxes, that will be your cheapest option!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Home Sick!

Maybe I'm just over reacting but it seems every time we come home to Missouri to visit we get sick! This time it started with Isaac, I guess he was a little sick before we left low grade fever... Saturday Andrew started a fever that lasted a WEEK! After a late night trip to the ER and a filled prescription of Amoxicillin 3 days later he wasn't getting better. I took him into the urgent care center and what do you know he had a double ear infection. They prescribed him then with some heavy duty antibiotics and that sealed the heal deal ... he was better. So I figured we were clear done with the sickness...I woke up Tuesday morn with a huge headache and my body felt like I had just done 3 hours of P90 x. My mother came to the rescue and I slept the next two days away, bringing myself into the urgent care center. The rapid results strep test came back negative, but the Dr. seeing my rather pussy tonsils (I know its gross sorry) prescribed me with antibiotics too. 2 days later headache is gone, throat still killing me and now I have an ugly dry cough.... whew. Thank goodness for my mother St. Lois She has let Andrew sleep in her room the last couple of nights so that I could get more rest. I figured still again that we were all clear of the sickness phase we are leaving on Sunday and this is Thursday.... and then while putting Elisabeth to bed she said, "Mommy my mouth hurts in the back".... AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I drugged her up with Tylenol and quickly tucked her into bed. And it was so sweet because in her nighttime prayer she only prayed for me to feel better. I was sure she was remembered in my night time prayer.
Even though we have all been quite miserably sick, we have quite enjoyed our stay here. It is so good to breath the beautiful Missouri air, and we have loved being able to actually see stars in the sky, we don't see much of those in Philly. And did I mention the weather has been in the 70's the whole time we have been here? The kids have spent countless hours outside jumping on the newly purchased trampoline, as well as feeding the horses daily if not hourly.. I know if they come in the house with dirt filled fingernails that they have been plucking hand fulls of grass off the ground and then openhanded feeding the horses. I have had some great moments with my dear willard rooted friends. Shantai had her baby shower and then we all were able to stay and chat, and laugh, and blabber some more it was awesome and much needed. I also got to see Arianne who I haven seen in who knows how long.. it was so great to see her. Mom watched the kids all day so I could go have some relaxing girl time with Lora, who treated me to lunch at Hinode... yummy I didn't like sushi before but she had me try a Vegas roll mmmmm mmmm it was good we laughed most of the day away it was great for my spirits .. not so good for the throat. It has been great to get to be with my family, brothers sister in laws nieces and nephews and of course the wonderful parents they are all so fun and sweet. So I know no pics to prove we did have fun on the trip home, but I have been to tired to charge my camera...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Forever 4!!!!

Purrrty Pet Party!!!!
Elisabeth was very particular about what kind of Birthday party she wanted this year. She loves Puppies and kitty cats, so we decided to invite her friends and we had them bring their favorite stuffed animals with them to Elisabeth's Purrrty-Pet Salon. At the party the animals were dressed in tu tu's, collars and super capes(for the boys). We played musical paw prints and Aunt Becky painted the guests faces the animal of their choice (they all seemed to want to be kitty cats) We had about 15 kids 4 and younger in our tiny apartment.... and it was way more than crazy here, but it was fun... and our Birthday girl loved every minute of it ... except for the couple meltdowns she had when she didn't win the musical paw prints game :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

The past month and a half... Lots of random Pictures

So this last little while we have had many of adventures! To name a few... moved to Philly, celebrated labor day, my birthday(Jenn and kids came to play for the day), Elisabeth's Birthday(pics coming soon), we have taken several trips to the Philadelphia zoo with and without Daddy,enjoyed the visit of Stacy and Kyle, explored downtown Philly, Liberty Bell etc., eaten our fair share of Philly cheese steaks,Elisabeth started preschool,Isaac is potty trained (night time included:) we have enjoyed the great weather(Elisabeth fell and got a black eye... Ouch), and have been having fun getting to know the area of our new home.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Zoe's Birthday

The most recent fondant cake I made for a neighbor friends 11Th Birthday. She wanted zebra print... this is what I ended up with.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Friends!

I remember growing up, my very best friends were the ones that I called Brother, or sister, and quite frankly they are still my best friends today. There is something so special about siblings which relationships can not compare in the same way to any other. I have been blessed with the greatest siblings and have great memories with each of them.
I love watching Isaac and Elisabeth play together around the house. When one is gone the other one seems lost and confused. If one is leaving the other asks why they both can't go. It has been so neat to see them play, imagine, and love each other more and more every day. For instance, yesterday Isaac was upstairs taking a nap and Elisabeth was downstairs with me, Jake had just left to go home teaching and Elisabeth was very sad because she was not allowed to go with him. So of course this sent her crying and crying because she really wanted to go. All of the sudden we heard a soft yet hurried voice say "Sissy, Sissy, Sissy", it was Isaac, he was rushing down the stairs to arrive quickly at Elisabeth's aid, with his arms open he gave her the biggest hug... and then another one ... and then another, followed by an requested kiss. Elisabeth immediately calmed down and had already forgotten why she was even upset in the first place. We were at some friend for dinner last night and I was telling this story to them at the dinner table. Isaac and Elisabeth were sitting by each other and as soon as they heard me tell the story they wrapped their arms around each other again for another hug... it was way too cute for words. This incident melted my heart it was so darling! I love how they can be playing for hours at a time by themselves in the next room over, dressing each other up, jumping off of the furniture, or just playing make believe. They have both already tried to include baby Andrew in on the fun... I tell them they have to wait a little longer until he can join in...